Tianfu Life Science Park

Tianfu Life Science Park is located at No. 88, South Keyuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu. It covers an area of 111 mu, with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters, and was officially opened in 2010. The Science Park is committed to becoming a biomedical R&D innovation center and an industrial incubation center, mainly focusing on innovative biological agents, chemical drug R&D, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, cell therapy, biological materials, medical devices, and other segments. At present, Tianfu Life Science Park has been recognized as a National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Base, and Sichuan Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator.

  • 221853

    Existing Area of the Park

  • 96053.36

    R&D Buildings

  • 60583

    Office Buildings

  • 28001.71

    Incubation Buildings

  • 9120.61

    Service Buildings and Restaurants

Location Map

Supporting Facilities in the Park

  • Phase One


    Add:No. 88, Keyuan South Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

  • Phase Two


    Add:No. 2222, Xinchuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

  • Phase Three


    Add:No. 2222, Xinchuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

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