Chengdu Advanced Medical Science Center Phase I

Chengdu Advanced Medical Science Center is currently composed of two parks: Phase I and Phase II. Phase III is under construction. Phase I is located at No. 2222, Xinchuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu. It covers an area of 167 mu with a total construction area of 294,000 square meters and was put into use at the end of 2018. As a university-government cooperation project between Sichuan University and Chengdu High-tech Zone, Phase I has been built into a new center and source of Chengdu's frontier medical innovation and development. It focuses on frontier medicine, precision medicine, smart health, medical cosmetology, and other cross-border integration of new business forms, with an emphasis on promoting the implementation and transformation of relevant scientific research achievements of Sichuan University and West China Hospital.

At present, it has introduced 40 high-level R&D platforms, including the state-level platform project "Frontier Science Center of Disease Molecular Network" of West China Hospital and "National Industrial Innovation Center for Precision Medicine". In the mode of "Listed Company +PI", it introduced 14 enterprises founded by professors of Sichuan University through the transformation of achievements, including 5 PI+ listed company cooperation projects such as Zenitar and Origiant. It has formed a pipeline of 23 Class I new drug varieties, of which 2 varieties have entered phase II clinical. At the same time, it has introduced the western China headquarters of AstraZeneca, one of the World's Top 500 enterprises, and the R&D center of Brilliant Pharmaceuticals, one of China's top 100 Pharmaceutical Industries.

Existing Area of the Park
Scientific Research Office Building
Supporting Service Floor and Conference Center

Location Map

Supporting Facilities in the Park

  • Phase One


    Add:No. 88, Keyuan South Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

  • Phase Two


    Add:No. 2222, Xinchuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

  • Phase Three


    Add:No. 2222, Xinchuan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

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